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Those wondering when and if the R version of the new redesigned VW Golf existed can now sit pretty. The VW Golf R is coming but with a new heart in a turbocharged form.

According to Car and Driver magazine the new Golf will be powered by a tuned version of the 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engine found in the upcoming GTI. This new tuned 2.0 - liter should be good for 270 horsepower and just as its predecessor the new car will have all wheel drive. It's quite easy to imagine as Car and Driver points out , that the new GTI in R form will offer greater performance than the previous R32 due to the fact of the ligheter engine sitting in it's engine bay and increase in power. Lets also not forget how this car will be tuner friendly throughout the aftermarket world at people like ABT Sportsline.

Best of all this new R version will be coming Stateside although a specific timeframe has not been verified. The all new R version of the VW Golf will show its face first to the public at the ADAC 24-hour race at the Nürburgring Nordschleife on May 21.

Now lets just hope that VW decides to bring a top of the line Scirocco stateside then car enthusiasts will have a plethora of cars to choose from within the VW brand. What should you call the new R version of the Golf? A name designation of R20 could be the label on the backside if Car and Driver is right.

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