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Porsche’s latest refinement of the 911, the so-called 998 model, has been well-spotted doing a bit of winter testing on Swedish roads.

The car is, of course, fairly similar in styling to the current 997.5 model, though a few interesting changes to take note of. The greenhouse has been stretched a little, giving a bit of extra room for the back seat, and the side-view mirrors have been moved back to the doors. The new car has also got a more upright set of headlamps, and a substantial redesign of the rear lighting elements as well.

Our spy shooter also notes that there are rumors afoot about a revival of the 912, a 911 look-a-like with a smaller, less powerful engine. More on that front as we hear it.

Take a closer look at the next generation 911 in our extensive gallery above or scroll down below to read the shooter’s own words.

The next generation Porsche 911 has been caught in Sweden during winter test. While there are some who call it 998, and others that call it the 991, we just decided to call it the new 911. And as everybody can see, the classic 911 styling will be kept, greenhouse is very like the current version, but seems slightly longer to make the backseat roomier. Front will keep the headlamps that got back with the 997 but they will more raised due to safety regulations. In the rear, we will see the biggest changes with new radical designed rear lamps.

And for the first time since the 993, we can see that the side mirrors are actually on the doors again. Something we will see more and more on new upcoming car models.

The new 911 will of course come in both two-wheel-drive and 4-wheel-drive, and the engines will further updated versions of the new direct-injection engines from the 997. Of course there will also be that great PDK-gearbox, and we guess that most Porsche buyers will get that rather than the manual gearbox. We even have heard some rumors regarding a new 912, meaning a 911 with a 3 liter engine with less power.

The new 911 is expected to be released in late 2011

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