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It's a sports car that can go 0-60 mph in less than 5 seconds and hits a top speed of 120 mph. Without gas. Because it's electric.

It's the new Dodge Circuit EV, introduced at the Detroit Auto Show. An all-electric sports car that looks like it belongs in the fast-car garage alongside the Dodge Viper super-car. But this baby does it with zero gasoline consumption, zero tailpipe emissions and a 150-200 mile driving range that's enough to do laps on a racetrack until your eyes are too blurry to can't find the outlet to plug it in to recharge. Seriously, that mileage range between re-charging makes this an ideal car to drive every day -- which is what Dodge is hoping you will do.

Dodge Circuit EV design screams pure sports car from every angle, except from the engine, which doesn't have that loud throaty roar because it's electric. But, everyting else is Viper-like. The low profile and proportions for balanced handling. The distinctive Dodge crosshair grille that splits the wind, sending it over both the long, low hood and over the windshield. The deeply scalloped sides, that give breathing room for a functional rear-brake air duct.

The Dodge Circuit EV is powered by Chrysler's new ENVI drivetrain, which also will be powering the other EV concepts launched in Detroit. But none of them are what Dodge is calling this stoplight-bright "Tangogreen" color. Thank goodness.

The Circuit's ENVI powertrain is just three powertrain components -- a 200 kW (268 horsepower) electric motor to drive the wheels, an advanced lithium-ion battery system to power the electric-drive motor, and a controller that manages energy flow. It recharges in an ordinary 110-volt household outlet, or twice as fast in a typical 220-volt household appliance power outlet.

Inside are all the creature features of a conventional gas-powered sports car, including a leather-covered instrument cluster, deep bolster seats in soft premium leather, and a super sound system.

No word yet when -- or if -- Dodge will complete the Circuit and get it out of 'concept' and into production.

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