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Icon: an image or representation. American sports car icon: a first generation Corvette, red with white coves, thank you very much!

55 years after the concept was first unveiled at Motorama in January, 1953, the Corvette is still America’s most beloved sports car. Through six generations, more than a million Corvettes have been delivered to lucky owners. While there have been faster, better handling cars, the first generation Corvette has retained a place in hearts and minds as the favorite.

It’s actually the second design of the first generation that is best remembered. Corvette production vehicles debuted with rocket taillights, mesh-covered headlights, side-curtains and a “Blue-Flame” six-cylinder engine. Instead of axing the dismally selling vehicle, Chevrolet opted for a sleek restyle in 1956, featuring the historic option of color-contrasting exterior coves, which helped increase sales five-fold

In 1958 the Corvette grew ten inches longer and received European-inspired luxury appearance modifications with quad headlights, hood louvers and chrome trunk strips. When new, critics called the extra design touches tacky, so the hood and trunk adornments were ditched for ’59. 1961 cars got a new ducktail, and the contrasting cove option was deleted for 1962, the last year before next-generation Stingrays hit the market in 1963.

9,168 Vettes were produced in 1958 and given the one-year-only trim, and now all are extremely valuable classics. One of 1,399 original Signet Red cars, the example I’m about to pilot for today’s Sound Classics profile is also one of the roughly one-third of all 1958s receiving the $16.15 contrasting exterior cove paint option, in this case the desirable white. Powering this vehicle is the optional $150.65 245 horsepower dual-quad carburetor setup mated to the $188.30 Powerglide automatic transmission. It is also a dual top car, with folding soft-top and a removable auxiliary hardtop, which stays stashed in the owner’s garage.


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